Game Plans Of The Big Radio Groups

Undertaker Radio.

Daffy Duck Family Dynasty.

The Snagglepuss strategy to exit “stage left”.

These are real plans for the year ahead.

Face it -- media monopolies like Clear Channel, Cumulus and CBS determine the future of the radio industry.

Wait until to you see their plans for this year.

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  1. So now how does CBS all-news station WNEW, Washington compete against market leaders WTOP and WAMU when the company is just beginning Clear Channel-like cutbacks?  Case study.
  2. Bob Pittman’s radical plan to cut $21 billion in corporate debt – no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  3. Why Clear Channel will sell assets starting with this.
  4. How Cumulus is opting for “Undertaker Radio” in New York and what’s that all about anyway?
  5. How to know for certain when the CBS Radio division will be sold.  Watch for this dead “giveaway” first!

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