First Act: Pittman Orders More Cutbacks

That was fast!

Pittman gets his new 5-year deal and throws John Hogan under the bus. 

Now, within one day, he orders every station to cut expenses.

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  1. Why so sudden – Clear Channel fires people every week so what has prompted Pittman to act this early in the New Year as the new John Hogan.
  2. What is most at risk this time.
  3. Pittman’s ingenious plan to cut costs without it sticking to his image.
  4. How the Pittman quick fix plan works, who does the dirty work and when.
  5. The figure corporate is mandating to be cut from each and every market – and outdoor as well. 
  6. The brutal reaction from Clear Channel employees – you won’t read these unsanitized comments in the happy talk radio press.
  7. The embarrassing Clear Channel news release on Hogan’s departure – what they forgot to edit out.  Calling Sigmund Freud!
  8. Plus this shocker!  The Pittman game plan Clear Channel owners have approved next.

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