Firing Personalities Backfiring on Clear Channel

Pittman down!

Bob “Eye in the Sky” Pittman is involved in a corporate pissing match over who is responsible for their morning shows falling apart.

The company that thought they could live without personalities is getting a Nielsen wakeup call.

But unfortunately the fix is just more screw-ups on the way.

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  1. Revealed!  Clear Channel’s plan to stop the ratings decline.
  2. What becomes of the current Clear Channel fatwah on talent now?
  3. The Clear Channel honcho on the hot seat for firing personalities and tanking ratings.  Well, it sure as hell isn’t Bob Pittman.
  4. Why Pittman is now being watched by his venture capital owners and who it is.  Pittman now has a nanny.
  5. How much of firing personalities will stick to Tom Schurr.
  6. Truth or dare – is WOR going to get Scott Shannon after all now that their morning show took gas? 
  7. If not, which New York station will sign Scott Shannon.  The call letters.

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