Entercom’s Real Revenue Revealed

Now we know why David Field is letting analysts carry Entercom’s water on adjusted EBITDA and “assumed” synergies.

The real adjusted numbers belie reality which suggests that Entercom has already begun what could be a long spiral down.

Digging in to the reported numbers, actual performance of Entercom/CBS Radio is headed the wrong way and it suggests that lots of changes are coming or else this merger experiment is as good as over.

The market has been suspicious of the merger from almost day one as the reasons are becoming more apparent.

  • How the massive Entercom salary and expense cutbacks are factoring in to overall revenue using real numbers they reported.
  • Projection of real revenue for 2019 compared to the past few years.
  • How analysts fears about Entercom have come true.
  • The most pressing problem that Entercom must address quickly.
  • Will current levels of station operating expenses be retained or will there be reductions?

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