Entercom Labor Troubles

  • Here is the employee lawsuit that David Field should fear the most – and it’s being considered.
  • Details on a disturbing firing allegedly designed to get the union’s attention.
  • How Entercom is trying to pushback unions in 50 markets.
  • How the feared “messing” with his moneymaking all-news stations has begun.
  • What radical severance cuts Entercom is trying to impose.
  • What about digital?
  • Union fears on outsourcing revealed.

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Lew & John Dickey and I will be together on stage at the 2019 Conclave in Minneapolis June 20thin a wide ranging and deadly honest conversation about what happened at Cumulus and where the future of the radio industry is – obviously, it’s not working for companies that can’t fire people fast enough.  We will talk about growth opportunities for radio people in the new modern media.  Details here.