Entercom Already Running CBS Radio


  • How CBS is in cahoots with Entercom ahead of the merger closing.
  • What they plan to do between now and merger approval without waiting.
  • Why the urgency – the merger is on track by year’s end. What’s gone wrong
  • Where Entercom wants the RIFs right now.
  • Who is safe from the joint CBS/Entercom firings – yes, there is one safe job and it is surely not market manager.
  • When will these illegal layoffs stop.
  • Plus, how CBS is trying to cover up major firings even this week – 5 RIFs in one major market alone and more to come.
  • Details on how they made unsuspecting employees feel like their jobs were safe just hours before they were fired because CBS needed them for something.
  • What about lifelong CBS employees?

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