Enormous Manager Purge Coming To Clear Channel

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman has just come off a wonderful “work” trip to Cannes and has had to put up with walking around the deck of the company yacht in his socks for a week.

Now he’s prepared to sock it to another category of employee – the one that thought they had the most job security.

Market managers.

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  1. The brutal way Clear Channel will now target their “capos”, appointed managers who blindly carried out execution orders.  Now they are the targets.
  2. Will the coming managerial purge be counted toward the four per market mandate to achieve 624 more layoffs this summer?  We do the math.
  3. Real time examples of firings – who, where and how these new firings are being conducted as a warning of what’s to come.  
  4. Red ink and piles of debt have forced Clear Channel to think more aggressively about layoffs.  Here’s their scary new plan.
  5. What we’re all wondering!  Pittman has board approval to layoff four employees from each market – when he is going to use it.

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