Dickeys Selling on Cumulus Stock Weakness

What kind of a person bails out on his company when they need him to show confidence in its future?

Apparently, a Dickey.

While they are feeding the happy talk radio trade press with PR when their stock goes up a few cents, they are certainly not talking about what I’m going to tell you here.

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  1. He didn’t – did he? Yes, one of the Dickeys sold large numbers of Cumulus shares just as the price was in free fall and analysts were trashing it.
  2. What other Cumulus insider started selling stock the very next day.
  3. Wall Street has really turned on Cumulus and the Dickeys are so sensitive about it they have launched a bullshit campaign to prop up their stock – details.
  4. Be warned – the chance of a Cumulus bankruptcy has just changed again.
  5. The bad news about a revenue turnaround and the implications for Cumulus employees by April.

The answers begin here.

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