Dickey’s Done – What Cumulus’ 9% Drop In Revenue Means


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  • What this worst performance even means for Lew Dickey – yes, this time there are implications. Details inside.
  • Bad sign for anyone left working for Cumulus – what can they do next.
  • The way this worst in the class revenue performance affects Cumulus’ potential purchase of CBS Radio.
  • What largest shareholder Jeff Marcus who is losing his shirt with his Cumulus investment is likely to do to try to turn things around.
  • The real numbers on what Cumulus spent on capital expenditures (maintenance costs to keep things running) for Q2 – then compared to his direct competitors. Revealing.
  • What happens to Cumulus hiring now -- the method to Lew Dickey’s madness revealed.
  • 7 analysts have been issuing a “buy rating” for Cumulus even though their stock is now down to about $1.50 a share – guess what they are telling clients on the morning after.
  • Nash undressed – Lew Dickey’s own personal country format stripped to the bone on a revenue basis for those who really want to know.
  • Pacings for the 3rd quarter now underway – any better, any worse, any solutions.

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