Dickey Leaks – Secret Cumulus Plans for Talk & Sports


Lew Dickey is having second thoughts about talk radio and sports.

Turns out Cumulus is relegating many of its radio stations to red ink after the first of the year because of bad decisions.

So, here’s the next invention of the wheel, from the CEO of Cumulus Media.

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  1. The reason Dickey is changing his mind about talk radio and sports.
  2. The number of Cumulus stations that are destined to start losing money January 1 if Dickey doesn’t come up with a new plan.
  3. Behind the scenes rumblings about a costly, grandiose plan to replace the Rush and Hannity shows – if he can pull it off.
  4. The unintended consequences of Dickey picking a public fight with Rush Limbaugh.
  5. Wait!  Wait!  Don’t tell me Dickey’s plan is built on the backs of more layoffs.  His secret plan revealed.

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