David Field’s Reboot of Entercom

Have you noticed recently that David Field has muzzled his criticism of CBS Radio and its employees who he acquired through the merger?

Where he seemingly and publicly blamed them for almost everything that went wrong on the assimilation of the two companies, he has now fallen silent.

It’s not an accident.

Entercom is in big trouble missing investors’ expectations, failing to perform up to company estimations and all of this as radio continues to battle declining ad revenue and searching for a solution to the digital puzzle.

It’s not your father’s Entercom anymore.

Or maybe it is – more like founder Joe Field’s company than the grandiose dream of his son, David.

In any case, Field has decided to shake it up and the Entercom that we will see is nothing like the bumbling company that screwed the CBS merger.

  • Will Field give up more control and rely on others to help turn around Entercom?
  • Where’s Weezie – does she keep doing “Where’s Waldo” or does she reemerge and if so, how does she help the reboot?
  • The all-news franchise is in trouble and it was one-third of CBS’s revenue, who comes in to straighten that out?
  • The SAG-AFTRA pissing match – the new David Field.
  • What new initiatives are coming to pick up lagging revenue?
  • The list of what gets rebooted – and what does not.

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