Cumulus Using Nash as a Decoy

And all this time you thought that Nash FM was just another Cumulus excuse to cut more jobs.

How wrong we all were?

Nash FM, the failed New York country branded prototype, is not just a canned format. 

It’s the future of Cumulus.

And, sadly, almost every other major radio group.

Here’s why.

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  1. Why Nash FM is the prototype for more to come except for one major format.  And what is replacing it has never been done on radio before.
  2. How many Cumulus formats will eventually be rebranded and replaced by Nash imitations.  
  3. How it is possible that branded Nash-type formats are exponentially worse than existing to replace a few air people.
  4. What the Nash FM format is hiding – a massive plan to fundamentally change the radio industry like never before.
  5. Why the decoy?  Why are the Dickeys trying to psyche out their competitors and buy time.

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