Cumulus Stalking Bankruptcy — What It Will Look Like

Their stock is down from $50 in 2000 to barely $3 as of Friday.

Within the past 10 days Cumulus had its second heaviest trading day as 14 million investors ran for the door.

The canaries in the coalmine are the shareholders.

The number one and number two radio groups heading for bankruptcy will kill the rest of the industry.

And look at the other repercussions.

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  1. Why now? – Why are investors bailing out on Cumulus ten years after they should have?
  2. What’s up with Cumulus poaching all those CBS executives lately?
  3. You can rest assured that Cumulus is either headed for bankruptcy or a major merger – Is it CBS or is it now someone else?
  4. True or false – Cumulus needs to be financially profitable in order to do a merger.
  5. The real reason 2015 will be the most difficult year ever on Cumulus employees – keep an eye on their new way to split an employee in two.

The answers start here.

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