Cumulus Finances Worse Than You Think

Masters and Johnson tell us that cunnilingus is the stimulation of the female genital organs using the tongue or lips. 

But Cumulingus is a desperate attempt to stimulate the image of an underperforming company using the tongue AND lips.

In fact, Cumulus is not performing well and, as you will see, is on shaky ground.

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  1. CEO Lew Dickey said first half revenue was up, but the Wall Street analyst we used to cut through the b.s. tells a far different story.
  2. One so-called code red Cumulus station remains on life support according to Dickey – true or false.
  3. How Cumulus compares to other similar radio groups on paper not in public relations.
  4. Threats to the future of Cumulus.
  5. But most urgently!  How do the real numbers impact further layoffs and future cost reductions.

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