Cumulus Encourages Employee Birth Control

I thought that would get your attention.

Lew Dickey says it is “the right thing to do” to extend six weeks of maternity leave to new mothers.

The problem is when it comes to issues like maternity leave it turns out the only “mothers” are the Dickeys and I won’t share the suffix that some of their employees tack on to that word.

Guess what else they are secretly going to take away under the cover of “the right thing to do”.

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  1. What the Cumulus definition of mother is for the purpose of qualifying for maternity leave.
  2. Why this new “benefit” that Dickey is bragging about precedes a corporate war on women.
  3. What other company benefits are likely to go bye-bye next for men and women employees.
  4. How Cumulus is targeting women employees who work in this one area.
  5. Revealed!  Second round of personality contract cuts and more stringent non-competes ahead.

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