Cumulus Debt Crisis

Now we know why Cumulus must buy CBS Radio or perish.

The numbers don’t lie, it’s that bad.

After January 10th, its top ten markets go back on “red-alert” for revenue shortfalls of the company’s own making.

The repercussions are major.

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  1. How long Cumulus has before it either merges with a debt-free company or files for bankruptcy itself.
  2. Shocking news about Cumulus’ debt repayment in the first 6 months of this year.
  3. The one outside factor out of the control of the Dickeys that can bring the roof down almost immediately. 
  4. The big Cumulus advantage over Clear Channel, which has $20 billion in debt and the one crucial negative.
  5. The number everyone is searching for!  How bad is Cumulus debt and what does it mean to employees hanging on to their jobs.

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