Clear Channel’s Strategic Play Book Revealed

There is no way a radio company can keep whacking employees – 624 more before the end of summer – and still run 800 plus local radio stations.


We’ve broken the code to CEO Bob Pittman’s Strategic Game Plan.

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  1. The reason CEO Bob Pittman is so hell bent to turn a local radio company into a national app – answered at last!
  2. The dysfunctional plans to change the way each individual Clear Channel radio format is done.
  3. The new ad model that is unlike anything ever seen in radio to date.
  4. The thinning is just beginning with Clear Channel’s Strategic Game Plan, they won’t need to keep cutting 4 people per market.  They will only need 4 – if that.
  5. Yes or No!  Is iHeartRadio going to remain an app or become a replacement for local radio?

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