Clear Channel’s Hub & Spoke Firings

If you look at a map of Clear Channel stations, you can predict the next stations and markets to get wiped out by layoffs.

So, let’s go to the map.

They’ve taken onetime CEO Randy Michaels Hub & Spoke system and turned it into a blueprint for where to fire next.

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  1. The best way to foresee which market manager will be fired next – it’s becoming all that predictable.
  2. The large markets that will be used to strip smaller surrounding markets of its expensive employees.
  3. The best-case scenario for regional and major market stations.
  4. If a smaller market station is within this range, the local management is likely to be toast.
  5. Question!  Why doesn’t CEO Bob Pittman like regional stations or majors that employ local talent?  The answer explains Clear Channel’s strategy.

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