Clear Channel Whores Out Playlists

Longtime Clear Channel talent say they have never seen the company sink this low before.

They are being forced to shut their mouths and let these suck ups to Bob Pittman and John Hogan ram the most awful new programming down their throats.  Keep this up and those locally focused competitors are going to beat you.

It’s a partnership with record labels that is so odious – well, you tell me – would you want to be on the air and be forced to do this!  

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  1. What’s worse than voice tracking?  This automated abortion that record companies actually pay for.
  2. Quotes from the demeaning corporate memo to staff – the edict that has proud Clear Channel talent really pissed.
  3. How these packages from hell replace regular airplay.
  4. When this forced airplay will end – you won’t believe it.
  5. Wait!  The only exception from playing this pre-packaged garbage on the air.  The only exception.

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