Clear Channel Next 624 Layoffs

Even as you read this, local market managers are running interference for their CEO Bob Pittman by weeding out 4 employees per market – 624 total layoffs.

How do you top that as your debt is rising above $20 billion?

Here’s how.

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  1. The next massive layoff – yes, they are coming.  And when.
  2. The job that corporate wants to eliminate the most.
  3. The plan for operating near empty radio stations in some cities with only these few positions retained.
  4. The mini-rebellion – word that a small group of employees will refuse to sign off on Clear Channel’s new employee rules that are tantamount to signing their own execution papers.  Their chances of being fired or surviving.
  5. And the question you want most to know!  Which markets will see everything dictated from corporate in the six months. 

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