Clear Channel Moves Up Next Firings

My sources say that conversations are now underway as part of a series of Clear Channel management conference calls to move up the company’s usual end of the year reduction in force to the first quarter of 2013.

This has many serious ramifications for Clear Channel employees.

I wanted to get the information I have gathered out to those affected and to employees of other radio groups who are also feeling financial pressure to fire employees.

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  1. How soon could the end of year cutbacks (usually 3% of the workforce) be moved up.
  2. Does that mean that the traditional holiday firings are off.
  3. What’s the trigger that Clear Channel is waiting for to advance the firings.
  4. Who will be included in the hurry-up firings – the positions easiest to eliminate quickly.
  5. How massive would this staff reduction be.

If you would like to see the contingency plans Clear Channel has to move up their usual Fall firings, click “read more” below.

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