Clear Channel Looking To Dump Total Traffic

The company that is spending $21 million to renovate Bob Pittman’s New York offices mist tunnel and all is now itchy to scrap its national traffic service and save the salaries and expenses involved.

There are priorities and there are priorities.

Another acquisition gone bad when Clear Channel thought it could turn Metro Traffic into a powerhouse spot carrier.

Turns out they were so wrong.

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  1. The 3 things that have just about clinched a bust up of Total Traffic.
  2. Why some contract clients are already ahead of them.  The secret CBS study.
  3. How one of the most revenue rich radio stations in the country hired 20 new employees and now makes more money than they did when strapped into a Total Traffic contract.  This may be your template.
  4. Once traffic goes, the two next divisions that will be shaking in their boots.
  5. The likely timetable for shuttering Clear Channel’s traffic service.

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