Clear Channel Fakes Facebook

Nabbed again!

Caught in the act of lying to the audience by a person close to the situation.

Depends Alert!

You’re going to pee yourself when you see what these clowns tried to get away with.

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  1. The third recent example of Clear Channel lying to their audience.
  2. Hooray!  Some feisty dude turned them in and caught them being someone they were not – a Facebook no-no and a colossal audience embarrassment.
  3. Even the Facebook picture was a fake – I’ll take you to Getty Images where they borrowed it.  To quote Wolfman Jack, “If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin”.
  4. The fake name was “CeeCee Tribeca” – wait until you hear how these arrogant bastards came up with it.
  5. Plus – 2 more examples of misleading or outright lying to the audience revealed.  Where’s the FCC when you need them?

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