Clear Channel After Pittman

I used to think John Hogan was good for a couple of more years because Bain gave him a raise, contract extension and benefits.

But poof!

Gone when Bob Pittman needed a scapegoat to blame for declining billing.

Now Pittman’s job is on the line and sources say Bain is concerned about the direction the company is taking.

Clear Channel after Pittman promises to be very complicated.

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  1. How much time does Pittman have left as CEO of Clear Channel.
  2. How will Bain handle that big new contract extension SpongeBob got last year? 
  3. Three people who could be Pittman’s successor and what it means to the radio group.
  4. Who the favorite is to replace Pittman and who is the long shot.
  5. How a new CEO will handle programmers and on-air talent.
  6. The outlook under a new boss for sellers who are now being RIFed at a record pace.

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