Can Google’s Ad Problems Help Radio?

Google has been losing business left and right from major advertisers who don’t want their ads to show up with objectionable or offensive content.

Places like terrorist group content or porn sites – a buzz kill for advertisers who care about their image.

So far Google has been unwilling (perhaps also unable) to prevent serving ads to places where advertisers don’t want to be.

And advertisers have been strict about this because they believe you are known or even defined by the company you keep.

Google is holding fast against unhappy advertisers.

And the question arises can radio benefit from this?

Radio guarantees advertisers exactly where their content will be and it will be safe.

I’d like to say yes, but radio has a lot of work to do before it can benefit from some of the shortfalls of digital advertising.  There are others as the dew is off the lily for digital ad serving as we’ll discuss at our independent radio conference this Wednesday.

But still, radio has some problems to fix before asking disgruntled Google advertisers to increase their radio budgets.

  1. Radio has to first unlock Millennials who see radio as out of date, unnecessary and irrelevant to their 18-34 year old age group in the digital age.  You’ll see an expert on Millennials address how to get results on this next Wednesday.
  2. Better, more effective commercials must be offered by radio and as you’ll see after a special presentation this week, just this one thing – writing effective copy, using the right kind and number of voices and testing the advertising for effectiveness can increase a station’s advertising right now with or without a Google bump.
  3. Radio must change the way we speak to audiences and present content because advertisers want authenticity that radio does not presently have.

And I can hardly wait to share Millennial powered sales ad promotions that big advertisers will support right now.

Learn about them and how to pitch them when we are together.

If these issues are as important to you as they are to many broadcasters, come to Philly on Wednesday – air, car, Amtrak (5 minutes from the station).

Invest one day – Wednesday April 5 -- and we will start with what’s new, what’s working and what’s ahead.

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