Big Clear Channel Cutback Being Scrapped

A major Clear Channel financial cutback is being scrapped.

What has to go so wrong to get Clear Channel to put an urgent stop on a big project designed to save money and eliminate more people?

It’s bad.

It’s embarrassing.

It backfired.

Hundreds of employees will now escape the axe that was intended for them.

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  1. Which position at Clear Channel is now “safe” after a corporate plan to target their jobs failed miserably.
  2. Which big Clear Channel exec actually stood up to the company to stop the insanity arguing that it was bad public relations. 
  3. All the details on high level meetings that Clear Channel held to save an embarrassing and massive secret downsizing initiative.
  4. What Clear Channel has now decided to do instead now that their cost savings plan fell apart.
  5. Amazingly, which two other radio groups are now considering the same thing.

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