Become Expert at Digital Media

The future of radio passes through digital content, social networking, short form video and mobile apps.

To succeed in the changing radio business, we need to add expertise in these areas now more than ever because the year ahead will be one of great change and many opportunities.

2017 is the year that you must master digital media to be viable, employable and prosperous.

The next Radio Solutions Lab April 5th in Philadelphia is a meaningful refresher for digital in the year ahead.  It is the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute source of reliable information for the evolving radio, media, digital and music industries.

Our mission is to provide those facing the many challenges ahead with authoritative, cutting edge information to not just survive in changing times, but to thrive.

The Radio Solutions Lab is a one-day interactive learning experience.

It begins Wednesday, April 5 with complimentary breakfast.  Class starts at 9am.  Jerry Del Colliano presents the notable current trends and predictions of what’s ahead.  We break for a complimentary lunch at noon.  “Visiting professors” present in the afternoon.  Complimentary breaks are offered all day.

Jerry Lee’s presentation on reducing advertiser churn and getting the highest rates available.

Morley Winograd author of three seminal books on Millennials, presents what Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers specifically want from radio.

Steven Goldstein does a video presentation on the potential and challenges of podcasting.

Here’s a preview of what you get at the Radio Solutions Lab:

  • New evidence that you can now slow the decline of radio audiences and revenues – and increase them – by making a few strategic moves.  One involves an across the board change in entertaining audiences and another requires only adopting 5 improvements that will get results.
  • The biggest digital threat to traditional radio in 2017.  Not streaming.  Not mobile.  Not apps.  Not websites.  It’s a new-form of social media that is growing in popularity.  It’s critical to know and you will.
  • Increase the effectiveness of radio advertising by 80% and double billing even as competitors drop their rates.  Here’s where Jerry Lee comes in.  His one FM station MoreFM outperforms entire clusters.  Lee reveals how to engage advertisers to reduce churn.  Test their ad copy.  Produce spots that have been proven to work.  And you won’t leave this conference without making his approach your approach and getting access to his resources.
  • Two new digital strategies that should be added to all radio proposals in 2017.  This makes competitor’s digital efforts seem like just a way to bonus digital instead of unleash it.
  • What are the most effective new social media strategies.  Twitter and Facebook are the wrong direction.  Been there, done that.  Hear this and you’ll get a head start charting the right direction.
  • How to disrupt your radio stations after all these years before a competitor or digital competitor does.  If you take only one thing away from this conference this year, make it this blueprint.
  • The fastest way to double digital dollars.  It’s short-form video but not of your djs or staff.  Two to five minutes on the right subject can be monetized now with virtually no expenses.  We’ll show you how to get started.
  • 5 great new businesses you can start in 2017.  Face it, there are fewer radio jobs every year and this year will be no exception.  Want a glimpse into what the skills radio people possess are good for in the media world now? Take an insurance policy out on your radio career in spite of unsettling consolidation
  • The most effective on-air promotion that is guaranteed to attract Millennials.  Believe it or now, simple cash giveaways won’t do it.  Same for trips and even concert tickets.  This promotion is so powerful you will keep doing it month after month for fear a competitor will steal it.
  • How to deal with shorter attention spans.  Hey, Millennials don’t even listen to their favorite songs all the way through.  Here’s a plan to adapt to shorter attention spans without blowing up what’s on your air.
  • Podcasting as a placeholder.   That’s one of the frank conclusions you’ll get from Steven Goldstein, one of us – a radio person who also understands podcasting.  Opportunities to use podcasting as a necessary placeholder and the potential to generate revenue done right.   Challenges.  Pitfalls to avoid.
  • The best formats to target baby boomers.   Morley Winograd’s presentation will nail it.  Are you sure it’s classic hits, talk and news?  Really?  Here’s what the experts say.
  • The best formats for Millennials.  Are you absolutely sure it is not news/talk or throwback hits?  Morley Winograd gets specific identifying radio’s best opportunities to reach Millennials listeners.
  • The best formats for GenXers.  Not as large a generation as Millennials or Baby Boomers but smack in the middle of the money demo.  Learn which radio formats are the sweet spot for GenXers.  And as you’ll learn, just because they coined the term “radio sucks” doesn’t mean they don’t have some new favorites.
  • The awesome power of more than one voice.  This is a discussion that you’ll want to be in on.  How many different voices make your message strongest.  How many are too many.  I can tell you this now.  One voice according to research you’ll hear is not enough.  This decision doesn’t cost you money but it will absolutely make your station money.

The most important decision you will make about your ability to be viable in this time of great change requires investing just 1 day to guarantee successful outcomes in the year ahead.

The 2017 Radio Solutions Lab in less than 7 weeks from today.

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