Alert: Clear Channel Eyes Layoff Dates

CEO Bob Pittman is going to force employees to in essence self-fire themselves.

It’s about Stupid Human Capital Tricks – the new plan to get Pittman his four per market, 624 employee layoffs soon.  The bankers are becoming impatient.

New approach.

New D-date.

His email memo to employees turns out to be a set up.

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  1. The ingenious but wicked plan that is now being put into place to rid the company of as much as 7% of its workforce by having employees in essence self-fire themselves. 
  2. The new designated “hit man” – Pittman wanted the board to suggest layoff victims, now he has come up with this approach instead.
  3. What’s that creepy Human Capital manager’s webinar all about – and how it fits in to the mass firings ahead.
  4. The “pre-firing” changes that are coming to vacation and sick pay, and “instant” termination to thwart potential “after-firing” lawsuits.
  5. And the critical question!  What day can Clear Channel employees expect Pittman’s latest firing plan to begin.  Wait ‘til you see it.

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