Alert: Clear Channel Caving To Cumulus Demands

It’s embarrassing how Cumulus is now pushing around The Evil Empire.

The Clear Channel talks to license Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for another 5 years on Cumulus talk stations is just the start of what the Dickeys want from them.

Dickey is now operating from an old copy of the Randy Michaels playbook.

Dickey is sticking it to Clear Channel.

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  1. The ugly and disrespectful tactics Cumulus is using at the negotiating table.
  2. The two things the Dickeys want even more than renewing Rush Limbaugh.
  3. The Cumulus’ scorched earth strategy of negotiating in public.
  4. The reason Lew Dickey has become more openly aggressive against Clear Channel – what he knows that they don’t.
  5. And this shocker!  Guess who Cumulus has on its side virtually guaranteeing they’ll force Clear Channel to accept their terms. 

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