Add 4% To Your Annual Billing

April is soft.

Retail is soft for the entire year.

Some advertisers are taking a percentage of their ad budgets from radio and buying digital with radio money.

Radio has no digital to offer advertisers other than streaming that doesn’t bring in any significant revenue.

iHeart is already cutting retail rates so drastically it could bring the entire radio industry down.

The year is headed for a loss and local stations are feeling the pain already.

But there are proven ways to outperform a weak radio revenue market.

New sources of income ready-made to contribute to the bottom line.

Ways to deal with competitors who are slashing/cutting ad rates and/or bonusing ad buys to death.

A digital plan that could actually recapture the money advertisers are now diverting to digital.

Subscription revenue, yes income from subscriptions that radio stations are missing.

New forms of advertising such as product placement for radio (not just TV and video).

Newfound revenue from binge radio programming hitchhiking on the popular Millennial habit now reserved for video.

And taking 7pm to 12 midnight and in essence building one or two more radio stations on the same signal to churn revenue where there is essentially nothing.

These are some of the ways that can make a difference as soon as you can get up to speed and implement them.

That’s why the conversation at our April 6th Philly Conference is focused on significant topics like these that can make a real difference to a radio station at this time of great change.

Jerry Del Colliano invites you to join radio broadcasters and digital executives for a one-day interactive conference focused on leadership, responding to disruption and new content, programming and sales models.

The Advanced Radio Management Conference begins a week from today and this is the last call for registration discounts for the learning event.

We invite you to see the schedule and drill down into the topics that are so relevant to radio at the present time.

Advanced Radio Management Program Agenda

8 am              Registration/Complimentary Breakfast
9 am              Changing the Way We Engage Audiences
10:30 am       Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
10:45             Nielsen – Getting Around a Rigged Ratings System

12 Noon         Complimentary Lunch

1 pm               Growing On-Air Revenue / Making Money From Digital
2:30 pm          Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
2:45 pm          Doing A Millennial Radio Makeover
4 pm               Conference Concludes

Changing the Way We Engage Audiences

  • New Ways to Repurpose 7pm to 5am
  • How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans
  • Strategies to Reinvigorate the Morning Show
  • 3 Contests That Will Guarantee Millennial Listeners
  • How to Retrain Air Talent to Sound Like Today’s Audiences
  • Why it is Best To Focus on Fans Instead of Listeners
  • Why Un-branding Your Station Attracts More 18-34s
  • Eliminating the Hot Clock As Millennials Like No-Rules Radio
  • How Radio Can Take Advantage of 18-34’s Growing Discontent With Music Streaming Services
  • How to do “Twitter News” – Give them 22 Tweets not 22 Minutes
  • What to do About 18-34’s Who Don’t Listen to Any Song All the Way Through
  • Why Creating 2 or More Formats on One Station Now Makes Total Sense
  • Why Radio Must Get Back to Contesting for 18-34 Millennial Gamers
  • How to Increase Ad Results by One Simple Change
  • The Radically New (Unrecognizable) Talk Radio Ahead
  • How to Remove Hype 18-34 Year Old’s Hate About Radio
  • How to Identify the Next New Radio Formats

Nielsen – Getting Around a Rigged Ratings System
(With Sean Hannity, Richard Harker, Glenda Shrader-Bos)

  • How to Stop Losing Credit for Audience You Already Have
  • The Truth About Voltaire
  • The Hannity Research (80% of his listening lost to PPM flaws)
  • Genres of Station Being Punished by PPM Technology
  • Alternative strategies to PPM
  • (Just added) Nielsen’s New Digital Ratings

Growing On-Air Revenue & Making Money From Digital

  • Competing Against Rate Droppers
  • What to do About Podcasting
  • What is Short-Form Podcasting
  • New Competition From User-Generated Content
  • Finding New Revenue Streams
  • How To Recession-Proof Your Station
  • Master Short Form Video
  • Revenue From Product Placement & Subscription Fees (Just Like Cable)
  • How Millennials Are Changing Social Media Again
  • The Future of Radio As a “Preview Channel”
  • How to Create Binge Listening Content for Radio
  • New Thinking About Streaming On-Air Content Online
  • Career Advice & New Skills To Stay Relevant
  • Better Ideas for the Station Website
  • Motivational Tips for Employees (Cutbacks, Show Appreciation, Handling Disputes)
  • How to Beat Declining Radio Revenue

Doing a Millennial Radio Makeover
(With Former Cox/CBS Programmer Dan Mason)

  • Getting Millennials to Listen
  • The 5 Things Millennials Want From Radio
  • Gender Neutrality – the Next Big Thing
  • How to Appeal to Millennials Without Turning Off Baby Boomers
  • Surprise: Why Milllennials Don’t Like DJs Who Try to be Relatable
  • More Music or Less Talk – Millennials Vote With Their Thumbs
  • What Millennials Want in a Radio Personality
  • Millennials Weigh in On Gossip and Hot Topic Talk
  • Why Millennials Want Radio to be More Personalized Like Pandora (And How To Do It)
  • How Millennials Want Radio to Change The Way They Talk to Them (On-Air)
  • The Contest Prize Millennials Want Most (Not Cash, Dreams)

Led by Jerry Del Colliano whose background includes on-air and management roles in major market radio and television, publishing and digital as well as Professor of Music Industry at The University of Southern California.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in-person April 6th in Philadelphia.

Please join us for this transformative experience.

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