7 Things You Don’t Know About 2015 iHeartMedia Plans

Bob Pittman and Rich Bressler have been making a lot of major moves as they are haunted by nearly $21 billion in consolidated debt.

But a lot of stuff has been leaking out lately about what they have planned next and since I really couldn't care less if I get invited to the next iHeartRadio Las Vegas conference with a hooker and a line of coke, I’m ready to tell all.

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  1. A massive staff reduction that was unthinkable even only one year ago.
  2. A consolidation of local physical studios and offices so radical that it will no longer feel like a radio station.
  3. Bob Pittman unplugged -- A major decision to look for that will radically change the future outlook for several hundred of their stations.
  4. The two things they deny are for sale are – one of which could be wiped off the books as early as 2015.
  5. This scary change in plans for Premiere and for their talk radio product.

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