624 Clear Channel Layoffs Begin

Bob Pittman is hiding under his desk while local managers have begun to fire four employees per market.

The layoffs are underway and the final victims of the 624-person massacre have been determined.

The massive layoff Clear Channel has begun is being handled like a company promotion.

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  1. The sneaky method Pittman finally went with to determine who gets fired.
  2. Who is making the decisions to fire and who is getting the ax.
  3. The way Clear Channel is about to get around health care benefits.
  4. The Clear Channel employee who should be more nervous than anyone else.  If you have this job, you are likely toast.
  5. The way survivors of this round of layoffs also get screwed.
  6. And the question everyone asks!  When does this round of layoffs end – there is now a date.

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