5,000 Ad Study: 68% of Local Spots Are a Waste of Money

This explains a lot about how advertisers and agencies are so fast to dictate price when they increasingly feel radio ads aren’t worth the station’s asking price.

I’ve been fascinated with how Jerry Lee attacks this problem at WBEB-FM, Philadelphia.

Better commercials, strong copy, presentation with audience-tested techniques to assure the advertisers’ investment will pay off.

The result: WBEB is more immune from competitor rate cutting and wins a lot of renewals earning the lion’s share of the buy.

So I want to get to how to turn this advertiser dissatisfaction around.

In 2016 the Advertising Research Foundation studied 5,000 Ad Campaigns from around the world. They found that 75% of the impact of an ad campaign comes down to the Creative.

Yet no one is talking about the Creative, except for a handful of people around the country.

Working with Sensory Logic of Minneapolis, WBEB, Philadelphia Chairman Jerry Lee has found the following shocking statistics:

50% of all National Radio Commercials are a waste of the Clients money.

68% of all Local Radio Commercials are a waste of the Clients money.

With 2 out of 3 local radio commercials being a waste of your clients’ money, is it any wonder that your advertiser churn is so high?

Jerry Lee is going to share the prototype for a system that eliminates high advertiser churn in a two-way conversation with you and how to address this pressing problem at your stations at the next Radio Solution’s Lab in Philadelphia April 5th.

Better solutions such as how to bullet proof ad copy, changes that can be made to local radio spots that are proven to increase advertiser response and satisfaction thus reducing churn.

Join the discussion for new and better ideas, big positive changes, what’s ahead worth betting on and content that delivers premium rates and higher revenue.

The Radio Solutions Lab.

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