24-Hour Ultimatum Issued To Clear Channel Stations

Big changes ahead at hundreds of local Clear Channel stations.

Corporate is forcing local market managers to get all in or get out.

Panic is setting in as the fourth quarter begins and revenue is off.

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  1. The sneak attack on local stations that were given just 24 hours to sign on to a corporate change that totally remakes what goes on the air in programming and advertising.
  2. Clear Channel is force-feeding programming and advertising changes on local stations that never asked for it and don’t want it.
  3. The money problems that led up to Clear Channel panicking into this move that goes into effect soon.
  4. Clear Channel’s corporate version of selling ice to the Eskimos is forcing so-called “local” services to stations that don’t have any local programming. 
  5. The Big Reveal:  Why forcing long-term contracts on owned stations makes absolutely no sense unless – well, unless they are thinking of selling them.  Here’s how.

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