1/3 of Clear Channel Workforce Now in Jeopardy

An additional 7% of Clear Channel’s workforce was targeted for elimination by its board just one month ago.

There are now several options for making good on those firings.

But that’s not all – here’s how Clear Channel is “testing” other breathtaking job reductions secretly in other parts of the company.

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  1. We now know the two most likely ways 624 people – four per market – will be laid off and when they start.
  2. The Clear Channel division that already cut one-third of its employees and is going for more – with examples of how.
  3. The thing that is going to be sold soon to cut jobs.
  4. The professional job assassinator rising through the ranks of Clear Channel.  Do you know who this is?  It’s a name you don’t know – yet.
  5. Think you’ve heard it all!  See the most all-encompassing outsourcing company scheme ever and it’s already being rolled out at Clear Channel.

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