What Employees Don’t Know About the Clear Channel Cuts

What if every Clear Channel employee had to take up to a $4,300 pay cut in 2014?

That’s as much as $365 per month!

And that’s how big SpongeBob’s 0.5% cutbacks are in real dollars.

Hell, market managers just got finished cutting and getting their budgets approved for 2014 and now this?

Who are they willing to sacrifice next?

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  1. What it means to employees that market managers have been told to cut expenses the fastest way possible.
  2. How many more 0.5% cutbacks will be made later in the year before that Christmas holiday basket of cheer from Clear Channel called end of the year layoffs. 
  3. Pittman unplugged!  Cutbacks have little to do with advertising revenue.
  4. Say it ain’t so!  The cutbacks could have been avoided, but Pittman turned thumbs down to a more humane way to save jobs before ordering the current round of cuts.
  5. How Clear Channel is already targeting high risk personnel who fit this description as the next candidates for getting a pink slip.

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