Travel Scandal At Clear Channel

No business travel unless approved.

Take the cheapest flight.

Pay some of the expenses yourself.

Except if you work for this division of Clear Channel.

A dirty deal and disrespect for hardworking Clear Channel employees exposed.

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  1. Which prominent Clear Channel division gets to run up expenses at will without restrictions.
  2. How one member of this division skirts the travel restrictions other employees are forced to follow – see her Facebook page but take your blood pressure medication first.
  3. Who was popping corks, drinking champagne and taking selfies in business class no less while everyone else was banned from traveling.
  4. Which prominent Clear Channel exec is enabling her.

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This article was made possible from sources close to the situation at Clear Channel. When you have news to report, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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