Townsquare Coming Unglued

The more we learn, the more we see why Townsquare is rushing to do an IPO.

Business is in the shitter.

The egos managing Oaktree’s investment capital are spending money on their perks excessively.

And they’re already “right-sizing” the company.

Whatever happened to fattening up pigs before the slaughter?

Now the pigs are running the show.

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  1. The TS tactic right out of the Clear Channel playbook for screwing managers and market managers.
  2. The dirty little secret the company won’t be playing up in their IPO about who really makes all the radio decisions.
  3. Cutbacks everywhere but not in India – that’s right, India.
  4. Why the “Babe of the Day” website is so important to Townsquare – this is unbelievable.
  5. How the company is actively breaking small market sales and programming traditional relationships in favor of this.
  6. TS execs ugly corporate perks and what employees are forbidden to do about them.
  7. How corporate descends on local markets reportedly to bully executives and employees.
  8. Who many employees now consider the Bully-in-Chief at TS.
  9. The truth about their much-heralded events division.
  10. How the TS sales compensation model is backfiring.

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