The Little 225-Watt Translator That Could

Here’s the feel good radio story you thought you’d never hear about.

Clear Channel gets knocked off in a big radio market by a teensie-weensie 225-watt translator.

Emerging as number one persons 18-34 beating no less than a full power heritage station personally programmed by a big John Hogan-appointed programming honcho, which has now simultaneously dropped to #3 persons 18-34 and 25-54.

Imagine THAT on his resume.

Now you had better watch your flank.

Here’s how it happened and how other shrewd operators can pick the pockets of the big boys while they are busy cranking out their sanctimonious bullshit.

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  1. Which radio company kicked Clear Channel in the nuts and won in a major city with a lowly 225-watt translator.
  2. Guess how long it took to become #1 – you can’t, you won’t, but they did it.
  3. So this little pimple on Clear Channel’s butt isn’t making money, right?
  4. Why you should protect your brand now – if a competitor gets ahold of this game plan and has a translator available, your dominance can be eviscerated like that!
  5. The only way to defend against another rogue translator that comes after you.

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