The Clear Channel Firings You Don’t Know About

These clowns at Clear Channel are making me look like I actually know what I’m talking about.

They’ve started the firings I’ve been warning are on the way.

But you know me.  I just make it up, right?

And they are working right now on a few more eye-popping strategies to save money at all costs.

You won’t believe what they’re into – unless, of course, you’re among the first to get the axe in these new ways.

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  1. It’s now Christmas every day at Clear Channel – how they are pulling off major holiday-type reductions in force and nary a word leaks out.
  2. The big honcho who just got wasted and had to push his belongings to the car in none other than a freakin’ shopping cart no less – the new mean is coming to a station near you.
  3. You’ve heard of corporate “right-sizing” – now meet career “downsizing” – you don’t want to be around for this. 
  4. Salary cuts – if you can’t be fired, now you can always have your pay cut like this.
  5. The Trick Hiring – a cutesy tactic being used by The Evil Empire to make it look like no one was being fired at all.  You have to stay up late at night to come up with something this frightful.
  6. Why 2015 will be the year Clear Channel starts wiping out entire stations in one fell swoop – with an early warning about what to keep an eye out for.

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