The Aereo Ruling and Radio

What does a Supreme Court ruling on a startup service that steals content from TV networks and sells it to subscribers have to do with radio?

More than you may know.

If the Supreme Court allows Aereo to continue, all content providers including radio will be forced to play by new rules and deal with new market forces.

Here is how the court is going to rule on the case.

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  1. All-news formats are now on the clock – here’s how long they have left.
  2. Talk formats already died but if rebroadcasting TV on digital devices is permitted in the Aereo case, here is why talk is dead in the water.
  3. Why radio will either be in the time shifted programming business to stay alive or gets a few more years on a ventilator if Aereo is overturned.
  4.  How increasingly popular “cloud” services could be dealt a blow if Aereo gets reversed by the Supreme Court.

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