Talk Radio Nosedive

Cumulus-owned WABC, New York has hit an all-time ratings low.

WABC's 2.2 ties their absolute worst share since they dropped Top 40 music and became a talk station.

Back then – all the way back in the Winter of 1984, WABC posted a 2.2 share.

It took almost a year for Cumulus to do what hadn’t been done in almost 30 years – tank the talk station.

Look, I could dump on Cumulus but what’s the use.

They just don’t know what they’re doing in any format and don’t seem to care.  That’s not their game.

What I am really interested in is why a radio staple, the talk format, is not just declining but taking a nosedive.

But there are a few things that could be done …

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  5. Two instant fixes that could help a declining talk station now – one costs money and one requires the smarts to do it before it’s too late.

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