Startling New Thinking on Free Giveaways

Apple tried to give away a new U2 album to everyone on its iTunes platform and got hell for it.

It turned out to be a PR disaster.

Younger people called it “dad rock” and didn’t appreciate Apple’s “generosity” in pushing U2s latest album to them without asking first.

As Millennials grow deeper into advertisers’ money demo, media companies will eventually be forced to rethink all aspects of content delivery, advertising and promotion.

I heard a CBS all-news station trying to give away $1,000.

Of course everyone wants $1,000 even if they don’t give you permission to give it to them!

But local listeners don’t appreciate having their name announced as a winner only to have it put into a hat with other CBS stations in many other cities for an infinitesimal chance to win.

Is it possible that the self-absorbed Millennial generation also wants your free gifts their way?

A sea change in attitude will have a significant impact on content providers.

I’d like to share with you new evidence that big changes have been happening on free giveaways, the promotional building block of most radio stations.

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  4. Why the nth caller should never, ever win anything.
  5. How to double down on a new age giveaway and blow the promotion through the roof.

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