Secret Memo Exposed: iHeartRadio To Move To Radio

I just knew Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman was going to hide behind an app to cover up the failings of his radio company.

When a CEO’s first action when taking over is to rename the radio company and leave the word radio out of it, he is telling us something we don’t want to hear. 

Clear Channel morphed into Media + Entertainment right down to the plus sign (+) and the word “Media”.

But an app is not media.

It’s an app to everyone but Bob Pittman.

Now it is official.

But the title of Pittman’s secret memo to his executive staff in San Antonio said it all – “Subject: Expanding iHeartRadio onto the Terrestrial Platform”.

This is what Clear Channel employees have feared.

And here’s what Pittman has in mind:

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  3. How Pittman is changing the main goal of Clear Channel radio.
  4. What Pittman sees the Clear Channel stations turning into – revealed from this secret memo in his own words.
  5. Pittman’s next threatened action step and when.

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