Radio’s Dirty Laundry Outted

Failing radio groups like Clear Channel and Cumulus are always saying they use “best practices” to run their companies.

But look what I’ve discovered.

Dirty laundry that they’d rather not have anyone know about.

Which is why, today I’m going to tell you about it.

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  1. Forget the headlines, guess what Cumulus paid an employee they axed within the last few weeks after 20 years of service – and you’ll be surprised to know that it was not nothing.
  2. In which major market did this station’s sales manager go on the air desperately recruiting salespeople. 
  3. Better yet, look at what even Clear Channel would rather not have you know about how it fired an almost 30-year employee.  Why so secret?  Because they may want to try this tactic on you, too.
  4. When is it okay for Clear Channel to whore itself out to, of all competitors, CBS for what’s tantamount to prostitution money.  Names and call letters.
  5. Why Clear Channel doesn’t want anyone to know that it is doing extensive renovations of some radio facilities – Clear Channel Extreme Makeover Radio Edition.  Here’s why.
  6. Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman is reportedly about to take another haircut in a business deal.  You’re 30 days ahead of it.

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