Radio Branding Crisis Developing

A disturbing new trend that threatens to uproot established radio brands.

Get the first intel on how pressure from digital competitors is forcing radio stations into making strategic blunders that will be unfixable.

Then see what steps can be taken to protect the best radio formats and brands.

1.  How radio is starting to make an irreversible mistake in branding terrestrial stations so you can avoid this fatal error.

2.  What’s the new standard for protecting a brand?

3.  Five specific ways a radio station should protect its brand in the digital age.

4.  I’m just going to flat out tell you one thing you should never do – don’t aggregate digital content from other sites under your brand.  For more mistakes to avoid, read on.

5.  The best idea you’ll hear all year on how to protect your radio brand from the growing popularity of short form video. 

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