Oklahoma City News Coverage

Here are four things radio stations are generally missing during their news coverage – or non-news coverage – of the recent Oklahoma City tornado tragedy and the “fix”.

No tragedy?  No problem?

Do them anyway and win fans + ratings:

1.  Next time a bigger than life event takes place in your market, borrow this strategy that always works for – believe it or not – hit radio.  Your listeners will thank you and you’ll reap the ratings rewards.

2.  Here’s a social network that hardly any radio stations know about that can be up and running within minutes when a disaster hits your market.

3.  The last thing radio stations think of in the wake of a big overriding news story should be the first thing.  Do you know what it is?  Now you do along with its track record for working.

4.  On what day should the big news coverage end?  Take a thousand guesses and you’ll be wrong every time.  Know when and everyone wins.

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