Miller Kaplan, Nielsen Fudging Numbers

Wolfman Jack always said, “If I’m lyin’, I’m dying”.

The radio industry is lying so it must be dying.

Now it appears two of the benchmarks for credibility are coming into question.

Miller Kaplan appears complicit in letting Clear Channel get away with murder.

And even Nielsen is now customizing formerly credible audience reports to mislead advertisers.

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  1. When RADAR ratings showing a decline in total weekly listening went down for the first time, Nielsen made it all turn out good anyway.  Here’s their secret.
  2. How Nielsen PPM subscribers check out the fuzzy math for themselves where PPM listener and RADAR numbers don’t jive.  You’ll be livid.
  3. How Clear Channel showed a whopping (and bogus) +8% increase in one of its markets by getting Miller Kaplan to do this one sketchy thing angering competitors who rely on credible, non-partisan financial reporting.
  4. How radio is starting to dictate its own ratings and its own revenue numbers – you may want to get in on this.
  5. Clear Channel’s chilling cutthroat strategy to use “do it yourself” metrics from a credible industry reporting service.

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This article was made possible by information from several sources close to the situation. When you report news, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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