Michael Harrison Joins Philly Conference

The brilliant journalist, programmer and talk radio expert joins entrepreneurial broadcaster Jerry Lee and Sean Hannity at my March 26th learning conference in Philadelphia.

Harrison is the go-to guy for just about every publication and news network when it comes to understanding radio.  He is the owner of Talkers and Radio-Info and he will join our discussion that focuses on 7 critical areas that successful radio operators must master. 

No speech, just teach.

If you’ve never been to one of these, this is our fifth year.  You’ll like the people who will be sitting next to you because they very much care about the radio industry and many are entrepreneurs looking to succeed in digital content.

To put it bluntly:

  • How to do great radio when competitors in an industry are being blighted by venture capital backed groups that are dumbing down the medium.
  • Unlocking better digital solutions that create an additional revenue stream.

Smaller, locally-oriented radio groups are starting to beat the big boys in revenue and audience.  If ratings and revenue are your yardstick, these smaller, better-run groups are going to have a great year this year at the same time the consolidators will have their worst.

And, they won’t be giving their programming away online.

Won’t be using the myth of digital as an excuse to drop their rates.

Plus, after this conference, they will be deadly competitors in short-form video, audio and social media projects that show great promise.

I’ve created 7 modules of curriculum for the one-day teaching event.

  1. Disrupting radio before a digital competitor does (they’re already stealing local radio buys and are the largest ad growth sector).
  2. Master digital.  It’s not brain surgery but believe it or not, no one in radio is doing digital the right way.
  3. Becoming accomplished at social media.  Let Facebook and Twitter go, that’s not social media now.
  4. Reinvent radio.  On-demand is in, broadcasting is fighting the new trend, where does that leave radio?  Strategies, ideas and inspirations.
  5. Launch short-form video.  Just because you’re in the audio business doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert at profitable short-form video.  I will reveal how some are earning millions from a 5-minute weekly video.
  6. Attract Millennials.  No getting around this fact – without almost 95 million Millennials, the oldest of whom are already 30 and well into the money demo, radio is just spinning its wheels.  I’ve devoted the last ten years to generational media.  You’ll know what I know.
  7. Adapt to time-shifting radio.  Miss this opportunity and radio is mired in the past.  How to time-shift on-air programming (there are new rules to this game) as well as digital.

I’m making lots of time for questions, answers and plenty of interaction.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person. 

I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you in person.

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