Look Who Clear Channel Is Sending To Fix Their Stations

Pittman’s latest brain fart is deadly.

How to get the billing up.

How to get lazy, dumb, incompetent sellers that work for the Evil Empire to shape up and fly right.

Warning:  this latest abuse just hit the road last week and it’s ugly.

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  1. Pittman’s new secret to scaring the pants off sales management and sellers one and for all.
  2. The abuse that is coming your way that has reduced professional sales management to tears.
  3. What’s the next stop for Pittman’s SWAT team.
  4. What happens when they get all those responsible for selling into a conference room behind closed doors – with real time quotes who have survived it.
  5. Pittman’s three goons who are being sent in to rip a new assh#@e.

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